John H Berry, Principal:

JohnBerry is a traditional English Goldsmith, living and working in the heart of the English countryside. For a long while, he has been faced with the problem of wearing cufflinks that were tricky to wear and not very secure.

To combat this, he designed his own cufflink fitting, with a unique 'toggle' design for easy fitting, maximum comfort, security and durability. This cufflink design has now evolved into a full range of high quality Sterling Silver cufflinks in a range of fascia designs, mainly gemstone and gemstone mosaic inlaid cufflinks.
Please see our dedicated site, www.johnberrycufflinks.co.uk for more information.

John has also produced a range of commisioned cufflinks for business use, designed to the customers exact specifications. These are all made to a high standard, and not to be confused with the cheap giveaways that people are reluctant to wear.
John with his black labs.

John Berry began his career in the jewellery industry more than 40 years ago when apprenticed to a Birmingham firm of Goldsmiths who specialised in the production of badges and insignia for Livery Companies and Mayoral use. He became the senior goldsmith for this firm and in 1976 started his own company.

In 1984 John opened a retail shop in his home town of Tenbury Wells which specialises in high quality hand made jewellery with many pieces set with precious stones. He is a fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, one of less than 100 fellows in the U.K. He is also an active member of the National Association of Goldsmiths, and has been an N.A.G. registered valuer since the scheme began in 1987. Being surrounded by a very productive hop growing agricultural community he was inspired to create the range of hop jewellery seen on these pages, which are only sold through his retail shop or supplied to the hop industry direct. Please see the dedicated website, HopGold.com for more information.


The Grade II listed shop at 51 Teme Street, Tenbury Wells has a Georgian façade dated 1746 which pre-dates the remainder of the building by about 200 years. It would appear that the frontage was built when Teme Street and the new bridge became the most important street in Tenbury. The building was originally orientated the opposite way towards St. Mary’s church.

The shop was opened in 1984 as an extension to an existing manufacturing and retail consultancy business. The conversion from a near derelict lawyer’s office to the shop with its modern security requirements took a lot of careful planning with the help of the local Councils Conservation Officer. Now, the shop offers for sale all our own products listed on this site, plus many other items made by John and other craftsmen.
shop pic

The services we offer include:
Comprehensive valuation service as an N.A.G. Registered Valuer.
Expert repairs and commissions. Be assured that any of the tasks undertaken at John Hugh Berry’s will be undertaken in a professional manner and carried out to the highest standards.

Please continue to browse the site, and if we can be of any further help, please contact us.


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